National Basketball Association is investigating locker-room incident involving the Clippers and Rockets


Following Houston's 113-102 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday, Rockets guard Chris Paul and three other Rockets went to the Clippers locker room to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin after they talked copious amounts of trash throughout the game.

4 While players gathered, D'Antoni shouted at Griffin, and Griffin shouted back. Even Griffin, after a game that saw him saw score just 11 points, his fewest since March in a game in which he played more than 10 minutes, was all smiles.

Get the app and get the game. I am not going to make any accusations as to what happened and what caused this until official word comes out from the league. That's when Griffin helped the Clippers pull away to a double-digit lead.

Time is running out though as the Clippers recently proposed a blockbuster deal to the Minnesota Timberwolves involving Griffin and center Karl-Anthony Towns. The latest of these rumors involved the Boston Celtics acquiring Blake Griffin to strengthen their standing in the Eastern Conference which continues to be dominated by the Cleveland Cavaliers. "The person that I'm holding most accountable is [Chris Paul]".

8 Finally, with 1:03 remaining, Ariza and Austin Rivers, who was out with an injury, traded shouts back and forth.

Griffin, Teodosic set to return for Clippers
Clipppers finally get matchup with Paul against Rockets

It was initially reported that James Harden and Chris Paul had gotten into an altercation by multiple reporters on the scene. Paul finished with 19 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. There was a similar situation against the Mavericks last season.

It was his 13th straight game of scoring at least 20 points, the NBA's longest active streak this season.

Admittedly, most basketball fans are exhausted of everyone in the league being best friends, so a healthy dislike between two teams is refreshing.

Scuffles between the two sides occurred often in the game. Paul, now the quarterback of the Rockets' offense, played six seasons with the Clippers, leading the National Basketball Association in either steals, assists, or both, in five of them.

Next up for them is their third consecutive home game as they host the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night.

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