Senators spar over Trump's words while trying to save DACA negotiations


But language like the kind the president used last week cuts to the core of what his presidency means - and what it's doing to foreign relations, to the business of governing, and to the future of hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants, almost 6,000 of them in Pennsylvania, and more than 22,000 in New Jersey.

A person familiar with last week's bipartisan meeting where Trump reportedly made the initial remarks said Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), one of the stakeholders who publicly disclosed Trump's remarks last week, told reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday: "I stand by every word I said about what was said and what happened at that meeting".

"Other profane words - I don't think they were appropriate either, and they were not used by the President", Nielsen told Sen.

"I will say I don't think the president was well served by his staff", he said.

█ "Trump is sharp but needs to lose kilos" US President Donald Trump passed a cognitive test and is in overall excellent health, but needs to lose 4.5 to 6.8 kg by eating better and starting to exercise, the White House physician said on Tuesday.

After over two hours of testimony - and being asked about the issue repeatedly - Nielsen deflected questions from other Democrats on the matter, saying she had said all that should could about the matter.

According to Durbin, Trump asked why the US wasn't welcoming more immigrants from places such as Norway, whose prime minister had visited the White House the day before. His colleague Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., who was not at the meeting, said Graham told him that Durbin's account was "basically accurate".

White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, who is also a rear admiral in the Navy, announced at a press conference on Tuesday that Trump got a flawless score on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA).

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Trump has not clarified to aides what he said, but told reporters Sunday night in Florida that comments attributed to him "weren't made".

The debate continued as Washington was gripped with uncertainty over whether the government would shut down at midnight on Friday, when temporary government funding is set to run out, in the absence of a deal on immigration and other matters.

The Trump administration announced a year ago it would rescind DACA, which allows certain immigrants brought to the US illegally as children to remain here and work without fear of deportation. Lindsey Graham said on Tuesday. Trump wasn't apologetic and denied he was racist, said the confidant, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a private conversation. When Trump says he wants to bar Haitians and Africans, he aims to admit fewer black people. I've seen people. then they get their new knees when they're 55 years old and they get their new hips and they do all those things.

What Durbin should have said was: "What is said between the president of the United States and the second-ranking Senate Democrat during a closed-door negotiation stays behind closed doors".

Many Democrats have said they will not vote for spending legislation to keep the federal government funded past a Friday deadline without an immigration deal, and Republicans will need at least some Democratic votes to pass the funding extension in the Senate. But the fact Trump never smoked or used alcohol helped. Perhaps they simply agree with Trump's race-based immigration approach.

The contentious comments came as Durbin was presenting details of a compromise immigration plan that had money for a first instalment of the president's long-sought border wall. "The biggest loser will be our rapidly rebuilding Military, at a time we need it more than ever", Trump wrote.

McConnell's deference to the White House comes after Trump has already said he would defer to Congress, telling lawmakers they would come up with a DACA solution "and I'm going to sign that solution".

"The public is demanding for us to get our act together", he said. By far, most migrants to America, both historically and now, come from Latin and Central America, Asia and Europe - not Africa.