Trial for Accused Cop Killer Bracamontes Begins


If convicted, Bracamontes could face the death penalty for murdering the two officers, Detective Michael Davis Jr. and Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver, on the same day in October 2014.

White ruled the trial would continue, though he did have to dismiss the jury during one of Bracamontes' outburts.

"I wish I had killed more of the [expletive]", Luis Bracamontes told the jury during the beginning of the trial in Sacramento, California, on January 16. "More f-- cops are gonna be killed soon". "There's no need for a [expletive] trial", Bracamontes said, reported the Sacramento Bee.

"Your motion is denied", White told Barbour, allowing the jury to reenter the courtroom and telling them to ignore Bracamontes' outbursts, according to the Bee.

A suspect standing trial in the slayings of two Northern California deputies was briefly removed from a courtroom Wednesday after his latest outburst threatening jurors and police.

White declined to again consider whether the defendant was mentally competent to stand trial and pushed forward.

"Mr Bracamontes is responsible for the deaths of Deputy Danny Oliver and the death of Detective Michael Davis", Barbour said. "It's just another dose of reality of the violence from some of the people who are here illegally and it's time for our politicians and our court systems to take these threats seriously because these people don't value the lives of Americans". At one point, he called one of the deputies a coward and said he wanted to kill more.

Barbour and Dawson then renewed their efforts, asking the judge if they could enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

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"We believe Mr. Bracamontes' outbursts, his laughter, are a function of his mental illness.", Bracamontes' public defender Jeffrey Barbour said.

Bracamontes is charged with killing both deputies, shooting a motorist in the head to steal his auto and wounding another Placer County deputy in Auburn.

He wrote a suicide note and tried to gas himself in his house before surrendering to authorities.

President Donald Trump has weighed in on the case, mentioning it during a speech to Congress previous year and introducing the widow of one of the slain deputies. "I love you, Janelle".

Bracamontes was heavily shackled in court, while Monroy, who has mostly remained quiet, was wearing a gray and black dress without shackles or chains.

Bracamontes has a long history of acting out during court hearings, and did so several times Tuesday on the first day of trial.

Bracamontes appeared in handcuffs beside his attorney at the Sacramento County Superior Court, with two bailiffs directly behind him.