May to welcome Macron to United Kingdom, discuss immigration


The new pact, which French President Emmanuel Macron said was the first border treaty between the two countries in 15 years, will cover unaccompanied children and will reduce the processing times for cases from six months to one month for adults, and from six months to 25 days for minors.

But after a choreographed drumbeat of new agreements to be signed at what aides said was the 35th Anglo-French summit, the overtures, including the loan of the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry, fell flat in Britain's eurosceptic media.

The debate over how Britain's banks and financial services industry will be able to access European markets after Brexit is shaping up to be the biggest battle of the forthcoming negotiations on the future relationship between Britain and the bloc.

"Ours is a uniquely close relationship between two of the world's oldest and greatest democracies".

The leaders do not want to see a return of the notorious Jungle Camp, which attracted thousands of migrants from across parts of Africa and Asia.

He says it will cut the time it takes to process migrants who gather in the northern French port of Calais hoping to reach Britain, and to treat them more humanely and efficiently.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb reiterated Tuesday that France would ask Britain to take in more refugees from northern France and increase their funding - not only for security measures, but also for the development of Calais. "And today we can confirm that the UK-France Combined Joint Expeditionary Force will be ready to deploy up to 10,000 troops quickly and effectively to face any threat by 2020", Ms May said.

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It seems unlikely Mrs May's missive will hit quite those numbers - after two hours it was on around 250 retweets - but was clearly an attempt to smooth over some of the tensions between her and Mr Macron.

"Either we win together or we lose together", the French leader said. Interestingly, though, he said he didn't want to exclude any sector from the EU's free trade deal with the UK. "Be my guest, but that means financial contributions and accepting European jurisdiction". The photo was posted on Twitter by the Foreign Secretary with the caption: 'En marche!

Peter Allen said French President Emmanuel Macron is very good at packaging up a poor deal in very friendly terms - and the Prime Minister has fallen for it.

Britain will agree to send three RAF Chinook helicopters and around 50 non-combat troops to Mali.

May's spokesman said militant attacks in Britain and France underlined the need for cooperation, including Thursday's first meeting of the five heads of British and French intelligence agencies.

Part of the money will also go towards helping relocate people away from Channel ports to prevent another migrant camp from forming as it did in Calais in 2015. The French government started dismantling the camp in 2016 following controversies about the treatment of migrants seeking entry into the United Kingdom.

Other "juxtaposed" border controls are in operation at Eurostar stations in France and Belgium.