Apple bumps up timeline of $29 battery replacement price, now in effect


In a nutshell, benchmarks appeared to indicate that older iPhones were being deliberately slowed down in recent iOS releases. At least four similar lawsuits were filed in the U.S. against the company as well. Once the battery is replaced, there will be no need to throttle the phone, at least until the new battery starts getting older and can't handle certain tasks without the risk of shutting down the whole device.

Samsung said, "We do not reduce CPU performance through software updates over the lifecycles of the phone". Apple did admit that an iOS 10.2.1 software update altered the performance on the iPhone 6, 6s and SE. It'd be great for Apple to give users a way to decide for themselves whether they want to slow down the iPhone, or not.

iPhone owners have always been able to replace their batteries.

Apple closes by saying "we will never forget [your faith and support] or take it for granted".

Apple has issued a conciliatory sentiment to its customers, following its affirmation that it purposefully backs off some iPhone models. In addition, Apple's reduced price on iPhone battery replacements will be available worldwide through December 2018, with exact prices varying depending on the country. Which is likely what has forced Apple into having to take measures to placate its demanding customer base.

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The company agreed to cut $50 from the cost of replacing an out-of-warranty iPhone battery, to $29, for iPhone 6 and newer models. With the replacement batteries, the speed and performance of older models will be restored, Apple confirmed. The company also faces a legal complaint in France, where so-called "planned obsolesce" is against the law.

Conspiracy theorists believe Apple is purposely slowing down older iPhones to force customers to upgrade. By not recognizing the battery-related performance problems earlier, Apple also basically acknowledged that it doesn't test new releases of iOS on iPhones with older batteries.

Apple addressed customer concerns in an open message last week.

It was originally expected that Apple would launch this new pricing scheme in late January, but it seems that the company has already kickstarted the discounted service.