Backlash: YouTube Faces Partner Rage Over Monetization Changes


The policy in question features a controversial change to its monetization system and feeds growing concerns about the way YouTube treats it's content creators. We have many free resources in place such as our Creator Academyand YouTube Spaces to help those just starting out build a community around their channel so that they can ramp-up fast and monetize their videos.

After months of complaints from advertisers over their messages appearing alongside inappropriate or exploitative videos, YouTube has announced a new set of policies created to improve how it vets content. But issues carried on. These changes replace the previous policy that allowed any user with 10,000 views to apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

Effective immediately, as a channel owner, you must have up to 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel within the past 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers before you will be eligible to join YouTube's Partner Program.

Then, on December 31, Logan Paul came under fire for posting a video in a Japanese forest that included the image of a man who had committed suicide.

The new rules go into effect on February 20, and channels that don't have the numbers won't be able to make money from YouTube ads. In response, YouTube announced on January 10 that Paul would be removed from Google Preferred and all his YouTube Red projects were put on hold indefinitely.

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YouTube has been facing advertiser unease because of a series of negative stories over the past few months noting the disturbing quality of many videos aimed at children, linking the site to child endangerment, and highlighting the questionable media ethics of some of the largest creators on the platform. But in the blog post, YouTube executives point out that 99 percent of those channels were "making less than $100 per year in the last year".

Advertisers can choose to focus adverts on channels verified as "Google Preferred". YouTube says this verification process will be completed by mid-February in the USA and end of March for the rest of the world.

The downfall from the upload has been massive, and now everybody is feeling it. Google announced changes coming to Youtube regarding monetization.

Earlier this week, popular video platform YouTube announced a new eligibility requirement to monetize videos in an attempt to better the YouTubing community.