Snapchat to allow Stories on Twitter, Facebook


The new feature which will be released in a future update will notify users when someone has taken a screenshot or screen recording of your stories. Users can share that content by finding it in the Discover section of the app, and then pressing and holding down on the tile to pull up the new share option.

Our Stories are the collaborative, crowdsourced variety of Stories that Snap launched back in 2014 and let users publicly contribute snaps to a shared group that anyone on the app can view.

The feature will be available immediately to Snapchatters with the new, redesigned version of the app.

Founded in 2011, Snapchat has grown to become one of the world's most popular social media apps - particularly among teenage social media users.

For now, three different types of stories - Official Stories, Our Stories, and Search Stories - are currently available to share outside the platform. This merger would permit users to share their stories on the applications like Twitter and Facebook.

In what seems to be its efforts to fight the sedated growth of the platform, Snapchat is apparently working to bring its flagship Stories feature to the web.

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However, the platform has come under increased pressure in the a year ago from Facebook and its range of services - including Instagram and WhatsApp - which have collectively introduced similar features to Snapchat, including their own version of Stories, to entice users to their own platforms.

Official Stories, are those posed by famous people and you can recognise these because a special emoji will appear next to the name of the person who posted them. Giving users tools to help identify who's harassing or potentially preying on them is the step in the right direction to curb creepy social media activity.

More than 10 million Brits use Snapchat every day, which accounts for around 25% of all the smartphone users in the country.

Earlier this week, Instagram introduced GIF stickers, which you can add to photo and video Stories.

Search Stories are another way to discover user generated Snaps on Snapchat. You can also copy the link.

Search Stories will be available outside of Snapchat for 30 days.