Grumpy Cat wins $710000 in copyright lawsuit


The beverage company fired back saying in a countersuit that Grumpy Cat did not hold up its end of the deal, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The $150,000 (£105,171) deal, made in 2013, originally allowed Grenade Beverages to use the image but just on the iced drink range.

The jury backed Ms Bundesen and Grumpy Cat, however, awarding $710,000 (£498,000) in damages for copyright and trademark infringement, as well as a $1 nominal damage fee for breach of contract.

There are dozens of celebrity cats on the Internet, but Grumpy Cat probably tops them all.

In the trial at California federal court Grumpy Cat Limited sued a USA coffee company Grenade after they broke the terms of an agreement over the use of the cat's image.

Additionally, Grumpy Cat Limited said the percent of profits it was receiving from Grumppucino sales wasn't what Grenade had agreed to in the contract.

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Grumpy Cat inadvertantly went global in 2012 when Bundsen's brother posted a picture on Reddit of the moggy sporting its now ubiquitous angry-looking face - caused by a pronounced underbite.

Grumpy Cat prompted a number of memes to be made.

She also has 1.42 million followers on Twitter, 2.4 million on Instagram and nearly nine million likes on Facebook. Grenade says Grumpy Cat's product manager "misrepresented the movie" so it would sign the deal.

The Sandfords also claimed Grumpy Cat Limited had sabotaged the launch of the iced coffee through badly timed and inadequate social media posts, and during TV appearances.

Two years after the original suit was filed, a California jury sided with the owner of the cat behind what might be the world's most universally recognized meme.

Grumpy's lawyer, David Jonelis, told CourtHouse News that Monday night's verdict was "a complete victory".