Company founded by Elon Musk selling $500 flamethrowers


Musk did say that he would sell a flamethrower when Boring Company hats sold out, and it looks like he is keeping his word. Likely, it's already earned more, since pre-orders have been open through the night, though it's still available as of this writing and so presumably hasn't sold out.

They even sell a Boring Company fire extinguisher, an invaluable tool for any sucker who plays with a flamethrower without knowing how to use it.

Back then, he had tweeted that if The Boring Company (his tunnel and infrastructure digging effort) sells 50,000 hats bearing the company's name, his company would start manufacturing state-of-the-art flamethrowers.

Elon Musk took to Twitter in early December 2017 to promote the sale of plain black baseball caps emblazoned with The Boring Company logo. Wallach's post, which was taken at a Boring Co. tunneling site, featured the musician playing around with the flamethrower. In the movie, Yogurt, the film's parody of Star Wars' Yoda, shows off a number of Spaceballs-themed items, among them a flamethrower.

Mr Musk followed up his introduction of the flamethrower with a promise the device would work well against "hordes of undead in a zombie apocalypse".

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At $500, the Boring Company's new flamethrower is a decidedly consumer-friendly piece of kit - at least, as long as you're not on its business end. Yet it's the latest idea to spring from the paripatetic mind of Elon Musk, who just demonstrated his flamethrower by rushing a camera with one on social media.

We also don't know what, exactly, happens when you actually click order and pay $500 plus tax and shipping.

The flamethrower is now available for $500 (~R5 900) with an expected delivery date of Spring which is Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere.

The tech-giant and, let's face it, coolest billionaire, is apparently flogging the impressive looking weapons via his new venture The Boring Company. For those outside the United States, it's a good idea to check local regulations before importing a flamethrower.

According to one person on Reddit, the page said that The Boring Company's flamethrower will ship in April.