Gunman who killed four at automobile wash on life assist


Four people were killed and two were wounded Sunday in a shooting rampage in a small town 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State Police said. Two were pickup trucks - including the one that two of the victims were found in - and the other was a sedan. Officers work on the scene of a fatal shooting at a auto wash in Melcroft, Pa., Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018.

And four days later he made good on the bloodthirsty promise, killing his ex, her half brother Seth Cline, 21, Courtney Snyder and James Porterfield, 27, at a vehicle wash in Melcroft, PA.

Pennsylvania State Police said that the shooter identified as Timothy Smith, 28, had been put on life support and not expected to survive after suffering a gunshot wound to his head during the attack.

Authorities would not immediately say how Smith knew the victims but family members tell the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Smith had developed an obsession with Chelsie Cline. However, one family says the shooter used to date one of the victims.

"I'm not holding that against Will. We weren't fighting. We were settling", Jenna Porterfield said.

She uncovered that Cline had gone through the end of the week with her killed spouse of three months as both of them battled through a conjugal unpleasant fix. "Also, on the off chance that he was with another person while we were having issues, truly, I couldn't care less what he did. I'm not going to hold that against him", Porterfield told the newspaper.

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Police said that they were not able to speak with Smith at the hospital. Smith shot them when they got out and walked to the side of the auto wash, they said.

"It's hard to deal with", said Jeff Cline, a cousin of Chelsie Cline and her half brother, Seth Cline.

"You always had fun when you were around him", Cayleigh Myers said, according to Fox News. "I'd give anything to have him back". Bukovac said police were on the scene by the time he arrived and that he had few other details about what happened.

Shari Bukovac, who owns the carwash with her husband, Ed, told The Washington Post Sunday that, although the automated carwash is open 24 hours a day, no employees were on the property when the shooting took place.

"That's insane. This happens in Pittsburgh, not here", Dick Kalp, who lives behind a nearby convenience store and called police, said.