Now send messages with Alexa


You can now ask Amazon's virtual personal assistant Alexa to send an SMS message that you dictate.

In 2017, Amazon added the "make and receive a phone call" and "send messages" features to Alexa.

Then, go into the Conversations tab (that's message icon next to the home button). However, by switching over to SMS, you can send texts to anyone in your contacts. Previously, she could only sed messages to contacts who have the Alexa app installed on their smartphone. Amazon has already introduced a calling and messaging system in the U.S. past year, but with the latest update, Alexa can send messages as normal text to Android phones.

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NSW commuters are to become the latest beneficiaries of voice-based interaction thanks to a new Transport for NSW integration with Amazon's Alexa platform. Amazon is likely hoping the exposure will help it maintain strong Echo sales and fend off competition from Google and Apple. If the person you're sending the message to is saved in your Android phone's address book, just say their full name when prompted. In the ad, Amazon's solution to their Alexa woes is to replace her with celebrities donning customer service headsets and helping users out themselves. If not, Amazon will send a standard SMS instead. The caveat here is that the feature worked only when the caller and the receiver had Echo devices.

Keep in mind that asking Alexa to "send a message" will not send a SMS.

In case you own an Android phone and an Alexa speaker, you should definitely try this new thing with SMS messages. Unfortunately, the ability to text to 911, groups, and MMS (picture and video) are not supported.