Smith To Washington Trade: What It Means For The Broncos


The Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a trade that will send Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins in exchange for a third-round draft pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller.

The Smith trade means Kirk Cousins, who had been linked to head coach Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers before the acquisition of Garoppolo, will likely hit free agency on March 14. NFL trades can not be made official until the start of the new league year on March 14. In 2017, Smith threw 26 touchdown passes and five interceptions.

Washington's blockbuster trade for Alex Smith quickly became an out-of-nowhere, heat-seeking talking point during Super Bowl Week. Alas, Jacksonville has less cap space than Denver or Buffalo (under $20 million).

Mahomes got his first start, and first career win, in the 2017 season finale in Denver. New general manager John Dorsey knew Smith well from their days in Kansas City, so the assumption was that he would be willing to give up one of the Browns' second-round draft picks to bring Smith to Cleveland. "Just being there in Kansas City, getting to work with him, seeing a guy that for some reason people critique all the time, I mean, the guy's a victor".

Which leads to the question: If Smith is worth $94 million, what in the heck will free-agent-to-be Kirk Cousins make?

If the Broncos don't wind up with Cousins, who played on the franchise tag of $23.94 million this season and figures to command a multiyear deal between $25 million and $30 million in free agency, the Broncos would then seek a "stopgap" quarterback in free agency.

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In Washington, the Redskins have done a running back by committee, and tight end Jordan Reed has only started 24 games in the last four years, largely due to concussions. The Bills managed to make the playoffs with Tyrod Taylor under center and the Browns have needed a quarterback for what feels like the past 50 years.

This may seem insignificant, but think back to the 2014 NFL Draft when the Bears had Aaron Donald, one of the league's dominant defensive players, stolen away by the Rams only one pick before Chicago's.

Fuller is what Washington needs: a good, young and cheap starting-caliber defensive player.

Smith is sitting at 33-years-old and will be playing for the third team of his career in Washington.

If the Vikings place the franchise tag on Keenum, the Broncos would be left to go all in on Cousins.

Cousins passed for 4,166, 4,917 and 4,093 yards in 2015-17 and completed an average of 67 percent of his pass attempts. But with the strength of the Jaguars' defense and the presence of prized young tailback Leonard Fournette, many within the league wonder just how good the team could be with a more consistent and reliable quarterback.