Meghan Markle does her own thing on the red carpet


Meghan Markle has delivered her first royal speech months before she marries Prince Harry and becomes an official member of the royal family. As the audience continued to laugh, Meghan looked up and pulled a face as her co-host laughed nervously.

She held hands with her fiancé, who also looked dapper in a navy suit. After all, she's had the spotlight just on herself these last few years.

Apparently, Kate Middleton has asked none other but her future sister in law Meghan Markle to be her third baby's godmother!

Along with her black suit, she opted for a white top and black pumps. Instead, she chose a tuxedo-inspired black Alexander McQueen blazer and cropped pants, along with a Tuxe Bodysuit blouse, Manolo Blahnik heels and Prada clutch, Vogue U.K. reported.

"I got some unusual looks that day!" said David Lochhead, one of the four British co-founders behind the optical label Finlay & Co.

FYI: Meghan is wearing Alexander McQueen.

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On Feb. 1, Markle took the stage to present an award at the Endeavor Fund Awards, an event that honors wounded, sick and injured service members who have taken part in remarkable sporting and event challenges over the a year ago.

Presenting an award with another man, Prince Harry's bride to be announced she would deliver the prize to a person who achieved excellence "in their chosen sport or adventurous challenge".

My daughter wrote to Harry and Meghan, and yes, they replied! Because it's Markle, though, you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn her speech "broke" royal tradition.

In related news, the Duchess is now on a four-day trip to Sweden with her husband Prince William.

"Oh my gosh", she said laughing. This is the life, truly the life of Meghan Markle.

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