Stormy Daniels Avoids Trump Questions On "Jimmy Kimmel Show"


Hours after the President delivered his State of the Union address, Stormy Daniels proved evasive when quizzed about her alleged relationship with Mr Trump.

"I don't know, did I?" she replied.

Trump's lawyer has also denied any affair. That Daniels, who - according to the stories about her affair with Trump - wanted him to get her on "Celebrity Apprentice", has never seen the show. He compared the signature on the original statement she'd released to the signature on her Tuesday statement and the signatures didn't "match" exclaimed Kimmel.

He then pulled out some of her previous signatures, and showed the audience a comparison.

She reportedly stayed at a Washington DC hotel for days before escaping to Florida for 28 hours amid reports of her husband's affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. The host read from the interview in which Daniels provided details of her sexual encounters with Trump, eliciting a response from her. She also remained tight lipped when asked whether she had signed a non-disclosure agreement. And even though Daniels' interview didn't do much to clear the cloud of speculation around her, it definitely wasn't a disappointing night.

Stephanie Clifford, the former pornographic-film actress known as Stormy Daniels, is not making life easy for the Trump administration.

"You're saying this letter was written and released without your approval?"

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"If you did not have a nondisclosure agreement, you could say that you did not have a nondisclosure agreement", he replied.

"I honestly haven't read the whole transcript", she told Kimmel.

"We do want to point out that S.E. was a guest on the show - wasn't a permanent co-host", Goldberg said on Wednesday, "and she gave her opinion, and that's what the show is".

Clifford, whom the the Wall Street Journal reported was paid $130,000 by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to keep quiet about a 2006 affair with the billionaire-turned-president, said the signature on a new denial letter published by BuzzFeed did not look authentic.

"I also work for Federal Bureau of Investigation and I'm a man, according to the Internet today", Clifford joked when Kimmel asked about her role in the statement.

While ABC did not provide an official reason for the sudden cancellation, Goldberg specifically discussed Cupp's comments when reporting that Daniels' appearance was in question.

Daniels was slated to appear on The View Thursday, but Inside Edition has confirmed she will not appear on the daytime talk show.