Four foreigners injured in Italy shooting


Italian police have arrested a gunman suspected of a carrying out a drive-by shooting spree that targeted African immigrants.

After the assault in the central town of Macerata, the suspect got out of his vehicle and made a fascist salute with a tricolor Italian flag draped over his shoulders, Italian media reported.

Local news outlets said the man was detained after he stepped out of his black Alfa Romeo 147 near the memorial, gave a fascist salute and shouted, "Italy for the Italians". Police photos showed him with an Italian flag draped over his shoulders as he was arrested, and a prominent neo-Nazi tattoo on his forehead as he sat in custody.

According to Macerata police, the shootings on Saturday morning were carried out in different parts of the town, including near the train station, leading to the injuries of six people, mostly African migrants.

Six people including "persons of color" were injured, 4 of them seriously, media reported.

Mayor Romano Carancini said in a Facebook post: "Stay at home until further notice".

A man has reportedly been arrested by police. As perpetrator of crime, a Nigerian immigrant, who was engaged in sale of drugs and who has denied accusations, was arrested.

Italian media speculate that this incident may have a racist motivation and be related to case of an 18-year-old girl, Pamela Mastropiero, who was killed and dismembereded last week.

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Italian police told people to take shelter indoors on Twitter.

"What happened appears to be a completely random armed retaliation raid", Mr Minniti said.

The head of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, has cited the killing and is pledging to deport 150,000 migrants in his first year in office if he is named premier.

Northern League leader Salvini said the center-left government was responsible for her death for letting migrants stay in the country, reports Reuters.

"What was this worm still doing in Italy?"

"The left has blood on its hands", he wrote. The centre-right bloc, which includes the League, says the vast majority have no right to asylum and has promised mass expulsions if it takes power.

Gentiloni also said Italy would be "particularly severe against whoever thinks of nourishing this spiral of violence", adding "we will stop it together".