Janet Yellen says prices 'high' for stocks, commercial real estate


Fortunately, Trump's choice, Republican Jerome Powell, is one of his best appointments: picked for the Fed's board six years ago as a gesture of bipartisan comity by Obama, Powell is a veteran of both Washington and Wall Street who generally backed Yellen's policies. The Fed has a twin mandate to promote full employment while keeping a lid on inflation.

"We can not tolerate pervasive and persistent misconduct at any bank", outgoing Fed Chair Janet Yellen said in a statement, citing "recent and widespread consumer abuses and other compliance breakdowns". "The banking system is more resilient", Yellen said. It was not until December 2015 that she concluded the market was tight enough to warrant higher interest rates, and the Fed has boosted them only gradually since.

Jerome Powell has now taken over the role of Chairman of the Federal Reserve with Janet Yellen stepping down after almost a decade in charge.

Before becoming Fed chair in 2014, Yellen had served as the central bank's vice chair and was president of the Fed's San Francisco regional bank.

Under Ms Yellen's stewardship, the U.S. economy has seen its strongest six months of economic activity since 2014. He will be sworn in Monday as her successor. She believed the USA economy had entered an era in which the gravest threat was not a resurgence of inflation, but a prolonged period of weak job growth.

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The Fed now publishes quarterly committee forecasts on the main macroeconomic indicators and assumptions of key rate level for the coming years.

Trump was highly critical of Yellen during the 2016 campaign, but took to praising her after becoming president. Mr Powell has said recently that he intends to continue in a similar direction as Janet Yellen had adopted, however there could always be a deviation at any moment in reaction to economic data or events.

Yet many of Ms. Yellen's critics remain unconvinced. The current unemployment rate of 4.1 percent is a 17-year low; the annual core inflation rate is nearing the Fed's target of 2 percent, with no sign of significantly exceeding it; wages rose 2.6 percent last year.

Ms. Yellen's supporters, though, argue that once again she will be proved correct and the Fed will be able to achieve an economic soft landing: Raising rates enough to keep the economy from overheating but not so much as to derail the expansion, already the third-longest in US history.