Fake doctor accused of infecting 21 people with HIV


More than 20 people in a northern Indian town tested positive for HIV after a fake doctor used contaminated needles and syringes while treating them for colds, coughs and diarrhea, a health official said.

The man in question, Rajendra Yadav, did not regularly change needles and this was the cause of spreading the disease.

Dr SP Chowdhary, the current CMO, said while he was CMS, he too wrote a letter to Prasad informing him about the regular detection of HIV patients in Bangarmau and calling the situation unusual.

With India's health care system facing a massive shortage of doctors and hospitals, millions of poor people seek fake doctors for cheap treatment.

India had 2.1 million individuals living with HIV toward the finish of 2016, as indicated by an UNAIDS report.

Police officers in the Unnao area are now looking for a jhola chhaap doctor in his mid 40s who rides a bicycle, often sits on a platform in the middle of villages and offers dubious cures. Villagers complained that he would give injections for nearly all ailments for meagre payments, Choudhury said.

Reports say the news of the infections broke after the victims, including children, were diagnosed at a health camp organised by an NGO in November past year in Bangarmau city of Unnao district.

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Judge Janice Cunningham said there was "no way" she would punish Mr Margraves "given the circumstances of this case". When asked about the outpouring of support on social media, Margraves said he could "appreciate the thoughts".

"An investigation showed that nearly all of them had taken injections from one person". Of those, 9,100 were children under the age of 15.

"This was an important lead".

In a shocking news that has come to light, it has been discovered that use of a common syringe has left around 40 people infected with HIV.

According to Times Now, the fake doctor allegedly used a single needle on all patients in the guise of cheaper treatment.

"Villagers are ignorant about hygiene", he said.

HIV - or the human immunodeficiency infection - is transmitted through blood transfusion, utilization of tainted needles and syringes, unprotected sex, or from mother to tyke. The group works with HIV and Aids patients in the region.