FBI Investigating Child Pornography Video Being Shared On Facebook


Elmore County authorities say that a man wanted for his suspected role in a multi-state child pornography investigation turned himself into authorities at 2:30 Tuesday morning.

In Alabama, Moore faces 11 felony charges, including the sexual assault of a child and distribution of the video.

But, because the case in this incident is in Alabama, authorities there are investigating, and the child has been located and is safe, police ask you to delete the video immediately. Owing to this, it is being investigated by Alabama's child crime unit, and APD is asking Alaskans not to share the video.

The 44-year-old Moore also is charged in Detroit in the sexual assault of three young female relatives. Investigators say the children were left in his auto while their mother was working.

Police in Alabama have the man they believe was behind a sickening video being spread on Facebook in custody.

The company's site says it reports verified child sex abuse images to the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which works with law enforcement to find offenders, and proactively detects and blocks content from being uploaded using software called PhotoDNA.

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Prosecutors in MI say the assaults occurred in Detroit and at Moore's home in Alabama.

Sources say videos may have been circulating for a year or longer before Detroit Police were made aware.

"Sharing said image is considered distribution and you could be criminally charged for doing so", the department said on their Facebook page.

According to Alabama State Bureau of Investigation Lt. Brooke Walker, Moore's fiancé, Tonya Hardy, was detained for questioning, but she's refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

"When you receive you are actually a victim yourself, but when you share it you become a predator, a suspect and charges may be drawn up on you", Sgt. Loloita Rosser said. "We understand that sharing information sometimes brings a criminal to justice, but sharing amongst Facebook friends is not the way to do it".