Carter Page told George Stephanopoulos he never met Donald Trump


Former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page struggled to explain Tuesday how he could be an informal adviser to the Kremlin and also advise an American presidential campaign.

In an attempt to further distance his Russian Federation ties from the president, he also said that - despite being a former campaign adviser - he has "never" spoken with Trump "any time in my life". To the best of my knowledge, the president of the United States has never met Carter Page.

After leaving his post as an adviser to the Trump campaign back in October 2016, Page took a trip to Russian Federation which put him back in the FBI's sights.

The video clip tweeted by Scott Dworkin, an MSNBC contributor and founder of the anti-Trump Democratic Coalition, surfaced after Page said during an interview Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that he has never had any communication with Trump. He told ABC News he was reminded of a letter he sent to then-FBI Director James Comey in September 2016, after news reports began raising questions about his travels to Russian Federation.

Democrats have called the memo misleading, and the House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously on Monday to release a document drafted by Democrats to rebut the GOP memo.

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"I hope they get it", he said.

But he declined to say where the president was leaning and White House officials said they could not predict Trump's ultimate decision. "Then you're an adviser to Donald Trump".

The New York Times reporters and The New York Times Company seek to disclose those orders to facilitate the ongoing public debate over the propriety of the surveillance orders and the related investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Stephanopoulos also mentioned Page's relationship with Victor Podobnyy, who was later charged with working as a Russian intelligence agent under diplomatic cover.

Page confirmed to ABC News that he is the individual identified as "Male-1" in a 2015 court document submitted in a case involving the Russian spies.

Page told ABC News he helped the Federal Bureau of Investigation in that case, and that none of the materials he shared with Russian nationals were sensitive. "So in terms of, when you say, "Giving documents to a quote-unquote spy"... it sounds a lot worse than reality, but that's reality".