Joaquin Phoenix in Talks to Play The Joker in Standalone Origin Film


People weren't necessarily thrilled to hear that the Joker is getting a standalone movie, but fans can rest assured that the supervillain will be played by a talented actor.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix, who won the award for Best Actor for his part in the movie "You Were Never Really Here", attends the Palme D'Or victor photocall during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 28, 2017 in Cannes, France.

What's still most baffling about this project is the involvement of Phillips, who crafts collections of moving images that resemble movies, but are really just trash piles that you watch while contemplating the finality of all existence. Variety also reports that after mulling it over, Phoenix has given a verbal agreement.

WB hasn't commented on the reports yet.

According to sources at Variety, the Oscar-nominated actor was the top choice for the role with some stating that he has already signed on but Warner Bros has not yet provided confirmation.

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The role would not be connected with the current DC Extended Universe. Leonardo DiCaprio, a frequent collaborator with Scorsese, was originally rumored to be eyed for the role.

The film will reportedly take place in an '80s, gritty version of Gotham City and explore how The Joker became a criminal mastermind.

This is a case of third time's the charm for Phoenix who has turned down two previous comic book roles in the past. The actor was also eyed by Disney-Marvel to play the titular hero in Doctor Strange, but passed due to the lengthy picture requirement such a contract would carry.

Of all the Caped Crusader's enemies through the years, the Joker is by far the most well-known.