Snow ice weather warning in effect for Ireland tonight


The Met Office issued a second yellow "be prepared" warning for ice in the east Midlands, London and south-east England, Wales, and the west Midlands.

Weather forecaster Clare Nasir said: "As these showers move in, they tend to merge and hitting the cold air will turn readily to snow at lower levels as we head through the evening into the first part of the night".

"Less cold than recent days, with highs of 6 to 10 degrees (north to south)".

"Ice is expected to form as skies clear". Brisk westerly winds will be strong and gusty near Atlantic coasts.

"Otherwise, there will be winter sunshine, especially for southern and eastern areas, with more wintry showers in western and northern parts of Britain and for much of the Ireland". However, the showers look set to turn back to rain later in the day.

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A slight frost is possible for a time on Friday night but temperatures will rise during the night however rain will extend nationwide overnight, giving some heavy bursts.

He added that some of the colder temperatures experienced lately had also come from Scandinavia.

Temperatures will barely climb above freezing tomorrow, but with wind-chill, it will feel more like -4 degrees at times.

It's following a spell of rain and snow. Brighter elsewhere, but with scattered blustery showers & risk of thunder.

The outlook is "cold and unsettled", with some further wintry showers, frost and ice heading into the weekend.