Trump offers condolences to Putin for plane crash


"Russia is not helping us at all with North Korea", Trump told Reuters.

All rounds of talks between Israelis and Palestinians have stalled so far mainly due to the Tel Aviv regime's refusal to stop its unlawful settlement expansion on the occupied territories.

'It is very important for us to know your personal opinion in order to set the record straight and put in place a common approach to solve this problem, ' Putin told his guest.

Abbas has refused any contact with Trump's administration since Washington's decision at the end of a year ago.

"From now on, we refuse to cooperate in any way with the Americans in its status as a mediator, as we stand against its actions", said Abbas.

The White House said Trump repeated his belief that it is time to work toward a lasting peace agreement.

Sources from Jerusalem have reported that President Trump questioned Israel's interest in making peace with the Palestinians in an interview published on Sunday, spotlighting its West Bank settlements as a complicating factor.

However, the Israeli officials insist on maintaining the occupation of Palestinian territories.

Ron Borges prankster says hoax was easy to pull off
Curran said he was told that the report was " off the reservation ". Nick is probably not as surprised as Borges and his editors are. Borges' column has been suspended pending further review.

Trump spoke today with President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation to express his condolences regarding the crash of Saratov Airlines Flight 703 on February 11.

In turn, the Russian president likened antisemitism to "Russophobia" and said Russia and Israel were "cooperating closely", particularly against "attempts to falsify history".

Apparently Putin and Trump spoke by phone just today.

Trump's statement came in a phone conversation on February 12 ahead of a meeting in Moscow between Putin and Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas.

The December 6 White House declaration outraged Ramallah and others across the Muslim world.

The White House denied Netanyahu's claims, in a rare public show of disunity.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of their future state.

U.S. President Donald Trump declined to give a timeline for releasing the U.S. plan for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, telling an Israeli newspaper that he is not convinced that either party is committed to the process.