Google's Project Fi now offers data coverage in 170 countries


We covered some of the new aspects of that feature recently, including new "unlimited" data for Project Fi, but this time Google is bumping up the number of countries that are covered under their worldwide data packages. That is up from the 135 nations the organization has since quite a while ago offered benefit in. Today, Project Fi is adding more countries, while adding proactive travel alerts based on your emails. If your Gmail account includes messages (maybe from your airline) about an upcoming worldwide trip, it'll now automatically notify you if your Fi account will work at your destination. New countries where service is now available include the likes of Belize and Myanmar. Voice calls to the US from every upheld nation cost $0.20/minute. Now might be a good time for you to take a look at Project Fi.

Indeed, Project Fi will now be able to dip into your Gmail account to determine whether you have any worldwide fights coming up.

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As Google Product Manager Jean Choi highlights, the data you use overseas costs the same as the data used in the United States - $10 per GB used (although things get a bit more complicated if you use Google's recently announced Bill Protection feature).

The new feature is actually activated by default in Project Fi, but you can disable it from within your account settings.