Sonos One Speaker Can Also Leave White Marks on Wood Furniture


For the people who just brought home a fancy new smart speaker, the last thing they will probably want to do is be forced to re-sand their furniture on a regular basis. However, long-time Apple commentator David Pogue made a decision to do a blind listening test with a panel of listeners with the HomePod evenly matched against the Google Home Max, the Sonos One and the Amazon Echo Plus. The £39 price for two years will ensure the HomePod is protected against damage, even if it's accidental, and even with the £29 excess fee, the £68 cost for a fix is a lot more palatable. Apple, by contrast, is marketing the HomePod as a high-fidelity speaker programmed to learn listeners' tastes and automatically select songs from the company's music-streaming library.

According to Pocket-Lint, the HomePod can discolour wooden surfaces "within 20 minutes", although the marks may fade a few days later.

Apple goes on to say that the marks "will often go away after several days when the speaker is removed from the wooden surface". This is the second time, the HomePod is under news for all the wrong reasons.

At the same time, however, Apple's $349 smart speaker has been tarnished for having a virtual voice-driven assistant Siri that isn't as smart or useful as Alexa on Amazon Echo speakers or the Google Assistant on Google Home speakers.

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Pic: POCKET-LINTApple's new smart speakers can discolour wooden surfaces, leaving a white mark where they are placed, the firm has acknowledged.

The issue appears to be related to the oils and surface polish in the wood reacting negatively with the silicone foot on the bottom of the 2.5kg speaker.

Two publications have found that the HomePod can leave persistent white rings on wooden furniture, a problem apparently traceable to chemical interactions between the speaker's silicone base and treated wood. Users can utilize their Apple devices to stream from Spotify and play it with the HomePod using AirPlay. Lastly, Apple recommends you keep HomePod from any heat source and liquids.

"If marks persist, clean the surface with the furniture manufacturer's recommend cleaning process".