MA confirms first death of child from flu-related illness


MA health officials are urging vaccination.

This kind of virus tends to cause more suffering and have been responsible for the worst recent flu seasons.

During week four in Hawaii, two clusters of influenza B were reported to the state department.

"If you think you're getting better and then it looks like it's not getting any better than you really do need to seek medical attention because it may now have gone to your lungs and you may now have a pneumonia", said Dr. Lolita McDavid of the Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital.

If you have more than one bathroom, have the sick person use one and well people use the other.

Others question the vaccine's effectiveness. "Hospitals continue to report large numbers of sick patients and providers are reporting high numbers of patient visits due to flu and flu-like symptoms". The illness tracker gave Warrenton a 4.5 out of 10 ranking in level of severity for influenza, and Manassas a 5.

This season's aggressive strain of the flu virus has already claimed several lives in Alabama. The decision is made months in advance, when it is hard to know what strains will be circulating.

New York State is also experiencing a historically devastating flu season. This knowledge should help improve next year's vaccine effectiveness, he said. Childhood deaths have reached about 170 in a season.

The CDC's final data analysis will be released by the end of the 2017-2018 flu season.

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In its report, the CDC also emphasized that there are weeks left in this year's flu season and people should still get shots.

According to the DPH, three deaths have been reported in Sussex County with the rest coming from New Castle County. The vaccine was only 25 percent effective against that type. Nationwide, there have been at least 63 pediatric flu-related deaths since October 1.

Haverhill school officials confirmed that a local first-grader who died from influenza was the state's first flu-related pediatric death of the year.

"My wife got nervous after learning about the death of a little girl from Golden Hill", Richard Kanan said.

Tina Tan, an internist who is state epidemiologist for the New Jersey Department of Health, said that no vaccine is ideal and this one is still helping some people.

In awful flu seasons like this one, the CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 Americans will die.

"It's mostly to protect my granddaughter, who has a low immune system", Woolf said. "There is a vaccine specific for people who are older that gives you a higher dose". While to the average, healthy college student the flu means missing class for a few days, for so many it poses a much higher risk.

"The vaccines that we have today are not the ones that we'd like to have in 10 years", she said. But the strains used for the immunization can adapt to the egg and become less effective against the flu.