State Health Dept. investigates 100 possible flu-related deaths


This does not mean that it kept 36 percent of the people who got it from getting sick at all.

Nearly 70 percent of flu this year has been cause by the influenza A H3N2 strain, and that's where the vaccine was weakest, with estimated effectiveness of only 25 percent.

Mid-South emergency rooms are seeing an increase in the number of visits.

Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), noted in a statement released on Thursday that, "it has been an especially challenging season, with high rates of hospitalization for both influenza and its complications".

"Everybody is encouraged to get the flu vaccine this season, even though the vaccine is not 100 percent effective", she said.

Governor John Carney is also sending an email to all state and school district employees on how to further prevent the spread of flu in DE, including by getting a flu vaccine and staying home from work if sick.

Flu vaccines generally provide greater protection against the other influenza A strain and influenza B strains now circulating.

The CDC said the flu vaccine is usually more effective against type B viruses and H1N1 than it is against H3N2. "The vaccine's performance in children was better than we expected", she said. "That's higher than we typically see for H3N2", Belongia tells The Washington Post. This knowledge should help improve next year's vaccine effectiveness, he said.

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Children's vulnerability is of special concern this season.

While it's not too late to get a flu shot, she said it looked like outbreaks in the region had likely hit their high point for this flu season.

According to the DPH, three deaths have been reported in Sussex County with the rest coming from New Castle County.

A flu pandemic, according to the CDC, involves an outbreak of a new infectious virus.

The health department is still recommending anyone who is eligible get a flu vaccine, Ferrell said, because Virginia experienced widespread flu activity through March previous year. He said he, his wife and two children have all been vaccinated. People who have the flu should stay home to avoid spreading the contagion and allow themselves to recover, state officials said.

So far, there have been more than 8,000 confirmed flu cases in the state this season. H3N2 circulated among humans for the first time in 1968, so people born several years before that tend to have less effective immune responses to it than those born more recently. Early detection could save your child's life. That "may make you better able to respond to that type of virus decades later", yet less able to fight off other strains.

However, if you have flu-like symptoms and are in a high risk group, or are very sick or anxious about your illness, contact your health care provider.

Most did not even have flu - just 38 percent of them tested positive for flu.