Snapchat to Redesign Critics: Keep Using the App - It Will Get Better


A tweet sent by Kylie Jenner Wednesday afternoon criticizing the popular social network has sent the company's stock tumbling 6% Thursday, resulting in the loss of almost $1 billion in market value.

Snap is sliding Thursday, down 8.48% at $17.06 a share, after Kylie Jenner suggested her days of using its Snapchat app are over.

Since its start, Snapchat has been a hit among young users, but it failed to appeal to the older lot, who found Facebook a more convenient way to remain socially connected.

Luckily for the disgruntled, Snap is acknowledging the feedback that the "new Snapchat has felt uncomfortable for many" and has reassured fans that the app will adapt to them over time.

Snap claimed that this change would make it easier for users to find stories in the app. She's also one of Snapchat's most popular users, and her declaring that she's done with the app could have ripple effects throughout the user base.

She quickly walked back her comments, following up with a tweet reading, "still love you tho first love".

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You can read Snap's full response here.

This new foundation is just the beginning, and we will always listen closely to find new ways to make the service better for everyone.

When Snap first announced the redesign a year ago in November, it noted that they were short of knowing how the community would react as they started interacting with the newly redesigned app.

"For a very long time, we have been trying to clarify, or at least distinguish, the difference between friends and publishers", Spiegel said in November, according to the Guardian.

Snapchat faced a huge backlash after a recent update and redesign, aimed at taking on its competitor Instagram, particularly Insta's hugely successful "story" feed. So only time will tell how many problems will lessen with time, but for now, some are still kicking about. "How about you quit telling us what you think we'll like and change it back to the way you know we all like", wrote another. Last year, E! even launched a Snapchat companion show to her Life of Kylie series called Ask Kylie.