David and Louise Turpin facing additional charges over California 'house of horrors'


Prosecutors have not alleged the 2-year-old was tortured. When they were liberated from their home in Perris, California, all but the youngest of the 13 children were malnourished. During the hearing Friday, The Press-Enterprise newspaper delivered a letter to the judge, arguing there was no justification for sealing the motion in a public prosecution. "It will come out when it comes out".

"That in itself is a new experience for them, understanding that they do have rights and they do have a voice", Osborn said.

The next court hearing is set for March 23 with a May 14 start date for the preliminary hearing but David Turpin's attorney, David Macher, noted that there is "a lot of evidence" so the preliminary hearing will likely be postponed. Louise Turpin was also charged with felony assault.

A number of people have offered to adopt all 13 children but it's not clear when the authorities who are now in charge of them will decide who will adopt them. Participating restaurants in Corona, Riverside and Redlands agreed to donate a percentage of their sales back to the victims and raised over $180,000 for the children, KABC reported. "They have a long road ahead of them, so anything we can contribute, we want to do that".

Their lawyers could not be reached for comment Saturday.

A spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney's Office said the new charges included three counts of child abuse against both defendants.

They're also trying to adjust to their newfound freedom.

Publicly, the Turpins appeared to be a big, busy, happy family.

The house the children between the ages of 2 and 29 were found in has been described by police as a "house of horrors" despite its cheerful façade as the private Sandcastle Day School.

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Their children wore matching outfits in smile-filled photos of family outings.

David and Louise Turpin are facing almost a century in jail each if convicted as charged. The most recent was in 2015, when the couple slow-danced to "Can't Help Falling In Love" sung by an Elvis impersonator.

"She would tell us the kids are doing great".

Louise Turpin, along with her husband, is accused of torturing her kids.


But the reality was different, authorities say. They had previously resided in Fort Worth, Texas. All of the children are underweight, causing them to look much younger than they actually are. I should call somebody, ' " said Clifford, who did not immediately return a call from The Washington Post.

Others had been seeking to end their imprisonment. According to CNN, she had planned her escape for more than two years.

They are all being cared for in separate facilities now, learning about this new world that has been brought into their lives.

"They are progressing well, and looking into the future, seeing where their lives could go - and they have the support system", Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel, who works closely with the siblings' nurses, told People.