Is Brock Lesnar's Future in the UFC or WWE?


The 40-year-old former heavyweight champion is now working for WWE. But his agent doesn't think that means his UFC career is necessarily over.

On Sunday night, White added fuel to the already raging fire surrounding a second Lesnar comeback by posting a picture of himself and the WWE superstar to his official Instagram page. Since that fight - which Lesnar won, though the result was vacated after Lesnar was popped in a drug test - there has been speculation that Lesnar would eventually head back to UFC once his WWE contract was over.

President Dana White has admitted that a return for Lesnar is "possible", and that the Universal Champion is interested in fighting for him once again.

Lesnar still has six months remaining on that suspension, which was frozen after he announced his retirement from mixed martial arts. One of the biggest questions as we come up on "Wrestlemania XXXIV" is what happens to Brock Lesnar.

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That brief Twitter post has people speculating on whether Lesnar will find his way back into a UFC octagon.

It just so happens that Lesnar's WWE contract ends soon after WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, where it is now expected that Lesnar will lose his Universal Championship to the victor of Sunday night's No. 1 contender's match. This allows the WWE some room to renegotiate, and an opportunity for Lesnar to use his interest in both the UFC and the WWE to leverage a lucrative deal with one or the other. His WWE manager Paul Heyman also believes in the possibility of Brock Lesnar switching back to MMA.

A return to the octagon looks to be very much on the cards.


Velasquez napped Lesnar's four-fight win streak and dethroned him from the heavyweight mountain top. The rumors on a potential UFC return for Lesnar have been ramping up as of late because Lesnar's current WWE contract expires after WrestleMania 34, where he is expected to be defending against Roman Reigns.