Apple to Launch Own Employee Health Initiative


Apple will launch a group of internal health centers alongside a push to improve the health and wellness of its employees.

Apple said they will work near the company's California headquarters. The roles indicate this is hardly a standard company clinic where employees can run up for flu shots.

Apple's practice will be called AC Wellness, and the company will open two clinics in Santa Clara County to provide primary care to employees and their family members, according to CNBC.

If Apple were to expand AC Wellness beyond its employees, it would be competing in markets that already have a number of effective commercial providers, King pointed out.

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The in-house health care programs from Apple, Amazon, J.P. Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway could be the beginning of a trend for large companies to break out of spiraling costs from the current health care system. However, few details are available at this time. Apple is now recruiting doctors, health coaches, and a nursing staff. Apple will start small, expanding in the future.

The site includes a career page listing job openings for primary care physicians, acute care physicians, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, exercise coaches and "health partners" to focus on helping patients change behaviors. "Candidates must have an appreciation for the patient experience and passion for wellness and population health - integrating best clinical practices and technology in a manner that drives patient engagement".

But Amazon's venture seems to be targeting rising healthcare costs, while Apple's goal seems to be innovation in patient care.

Providing better health care is not only beneficial to employees, but to employers as well. These moves are an indictment of the state of the USA healthcare system - the tech companies are saying, "We can do it better and cheaper" - but the question is if the lessons they learn can be applied more broadly.