Google tests Flutter SDK for better cross-platform apps


The library is created to combine the performance and platform integrations of native mobile with the rapid development and multi-platform reach of portable UI toolkits. For instance, Flutter was used to build Google's mobile sales tool app as well as the Store Manager app for Google Shopping Express.

Instead of wiring up to native Android and iOS components, Flutter paints every single pixel to the screen. "Flutter has also taken special care and design to deliver a UI that feels natural to users". With support for features like Hot Reload, integrated tooling, a reactive framework design, and a substantial selection of widgets, Flutter seems to have all the appropriate pieces coming into place. They compile directly to the native processor architecture code on mobile devices and can access all of the iOS or Android platform's API and services according to Google.

By urging more developers to start making apps with Flutter, Google is setting the stage for the possible commercial rollout of its Fuchsia operating system, which may supplant Android and Chrome OS. That means you can make changes to your source code and within a second, you can see that change reflected in the app on your phone.

The Flutter SDK was announced at the Google I/O Conference past year, and the mothership has done a lot of improvements on the toolkit since then.

"We're thrilled to see Flutter's ecosystem thriving".

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New features introduced since the alpha include several accessibility options, right-to-left text, localization, internationalization, inline video, image formatting support, and the ability to run Flutter code in the background, among other things. Google has also brought direct integration with Android Studio and Visual Studio Code, as well as clear instructions for XCode support, in order to ensure a seamless transition on all mobile platforms. Flutter apps use Google's Dart programming language, but they can connect to existing software written in more common languages, such as Java in the case of Android and Swift or Objective-C in the case of iOS. The company didn't offer an exact date for when Flutter is expected to come out of beta but did note that new betas will be released "approximately every four weeks" and that the current focus is stabilization and scenario completion.

Check out the Getting Started Guide to start designing apps with Flutter today!

Google has specifically named the official application of the musical Broadway Hamilton, as well as Hookle, and has shown some captures to illustrate it indicating that with Flutter you can get expressive designs and very flexible, high-quality experiences for all types of devices and platforms and a very fast development.

The first beta of Flutter is available here right now, and interested developers can also contribute to the development of the project on GitHub here.