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Onward with your odds and analysis of UFC 222: Cristiane Justino (19-1) vs.

In the co-main event, in featherweight action, former lightweight champion and two-time featherweight title challenger Frankie Edgar (21-5-1) fights Brian Ortega (13-0, 1NC).

UFC women's featherweight champion Cris Cyborg has given her take on the boxing legend and his chances in the MMA world.

As recently as last week there was a report that stated that both sides were in talks on making a second fight happen in the Octagon. There are probably a few ways to answer that.

Holloway pulled out due to injury and the UFC succeeded in getting Cyborg to headline the card and save the pay-per-view. "I think because it's my debut, maybe after that it will go down a little bit, but definitely after my first (MMA) fight, people were waiting to see when I was gonna fight in the UFC". "But then the next thing I did was check my weight".

There are no rankings in what some refer to as "The Cyborg Division" because the UFC doesn't have 15 legitimate 145-pound women on the roster. I know this is MMA. "I feel very blessed for this opportunity to fight again".

"I said, 'Why are you calling me?"

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"When I heard that she was taking this fight, I never even questioned like, "Oh, she doesn't have enough time". This will be Kunitskaya's UFC debut. As she showed in her last fight, she has one weakness. She gives a message to them. "I gave all of myself to this sport and couldn't make any money, so there was no reason not to retire. So this is the reason I came back".

This deal comes as UFC has been shopping its overall media rights.

Just three weeks earlier (yes, three) the UFC put its event from Perth behind a paywall, and early estimates suggest it sold a paltry 130,00 units. Cyborg, Kunitskaya, Edgar, Ortega, and any standout fighters may attend the presser. She was given an hour to drop the remaining quarter of a pound. She's not even a massive bantamweight.

Despite seven career knockouts, six inside the first round, Kunitskaya is not considered a hard hitter on the feet. Throughout fight week, she's just appeared so at ease, so relaxed and so comfortable in her own skin.

Kunitskaya seems to seek out the clinch, but she isn't a tremendous striker from that position. She threatened her with guillotines and heel hooks as well.

If you are not a fan of the mayhem known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), you may want to take a look at this story anyway.

Prediction: Justino via KO, 68 seconds.