YouTube trials feature that replaces video backgrounds


As a outcome of that, many new tools have emerged, and they aim to make it easier to create videos.

The Google-owned YouTube revealed that a new technology that will remove the need of the traditional green screen background in its users' home-brewed videos is on its way.

While artificial intelligence may one day evolve into the godhead, right now it's being put to a more prosaic use: amusing backgrounds in YouTube videos.

The feature is now only available on mobile meant to work as a feature for "YouTube stories" - the platform's Snapchat-esque feature. The technology has been integrated into stories, which is a lightweight video format now in limited beta for YouTube creators, though there are plans to integrate into more of Google's augmented reality services in the future.

"Our new segmentation technology allows creators to replace and modify the background, effortlessly increasing videos' production value without specialized equipment", Bazarevsky and Tkachenka said.

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Google has not mentioned when this feature will be available to the public. According to Google, the AI is about 98 percent accurate under ideal conditions, but that number drops to 94.8 percent when running on an iPhone 7 or Pixel 2.

In its research blog, Google talked about the technical details of the feature at length.

For each image, Google's researchers isolated facial features and hair as accurately as possible to help the network distinguish between foreground and background. More importantly, this technology is being tested to run on smartphones; removing the need for expensive computer setups.

Still, it's an interesting option for YouTubers who may not always want to deal with setting up a green screen. In some cases, edges are filled with ugly halos along with other anomalies, notes TechTimes.

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