'Feminist strike': International Women's Day sees transport & work chaos in Spain


About five million women went on strike and marched in Spain on March 8 in support of a call for an global women's strike to mark worldwide Women's Day and demand a just and egalitarian society, TeleSUR English said that day. Two women were fired for supporting the 24-hour strike among their coworkers in Telemark.

They also quoted and condemned Duterte's discriminatory words, whom they criticized for promoting prejudices against femininity, according to the statement issued by the Center for Women's Resources, the group that organized the meeting.

A poll of for El Pais found 82 per cent supported the strike while 76 per cent thought women living in Spain had more hard lives than their male counterparts. 'We are so alarmed, she said.

The strike aimed to call attention to Spain's persistent gender wage gap, domestic violence and sex discrimination in the workplace. Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona, said she would join the strike.

Though Myanmar has a woman leading its civilian government, a profound gender gap remains in the country of 52 million people.

Thursday's strike of women in the media has the backing of several unions, including the Workers' Commissions and General Union of Workers, which are two of Spain's largest unions.

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Ana Reyes, a 37-year-old PR executive, said she was striking "in the hope that the importance of half of the population will be recognised and that it will bring about a real change". "I would like to go out when I want, and dressed how I want - and not feel like a piece of meat", she said.

Women are going on strikes and protesting across the world on Thursday.

In Rome, actress Asia Agento, one of the many women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, reportedly participated in a march as well. MsCarmena has thrown her weight behind the event, tweeting: "On 8 March my agenda is a women's agenda". These extraordinary women - and so many others - did not have obituaries in The New York Times.

"In South Korea, hundreds of protesters rallied in central Seoul, many wearing black and holding "#MeToo" signs.

They carried placards reading, "Unite against violence against Women", "Man enough to say no to domestic abuse", and "My body, My choice".

International Women's Day, created over a century ago by the socialist and labor movements, traditionally has been a higher-profile occasion overseas than in the United States, where women's rights activists have been energized over the past 14 months by huge protest marches and the emergence of the #MeToo movement.