Here's a new look at Mario Tennis Aces out on June 22


We don't know much about today's presentation (Nintendo likes to keep everything under wraps), but here are a few things that the company has let slip: it will be 30 minutes long, it will focus on Switch and 3DS titles launching in 2018 and Mario Tennis Aces for the Switch will take center stage at some point. More than 15 characters will be playable in Mario Tennis Aces, among them Nintendo stalwarts such as Mario, Waluigi and Donkey Kong as well as more surprising characters like Chain Chomp and Toadette.

Mario Tennis Aces will feature up to four players local cooperative play, meaning you can pop off your controllers and pass them to friends for instant fun without a need for internet.

Mario Tennis Aces is set in a story mode which will feature missions and boss battles with enemies like a giant piranha plant.

If you are in doubt if the game is for you, there will be a Pre-Launch Online Tournament with 1-on-1 matches going live somewhere before the game's release.

It has now been just over a year since the meteoric launch of the Nintendo Switch where it outsold its predecessor, the Wii U, after only 10 months on the market. Mario Tennis Aces has a lot of complex meta aspects to the game.

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Little Nightmares: Complete Edition is coming to Switch with new content. There will be a network test incoming, with more information dropping at a later date. There's online multiplayer in the game.

Get ready to hack and slash your way in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. If you haven't tried out this fighter, then your chance to try it for free will be coming on March 31st 2018.

The game Arms, which is out now, will have for the USA and Canada an online tourney. This mainly showed off some new controllable characters, including fan favourites Rick and King Dedede. Rank X, a new, hardcore rank that goes beyond S+, will be available for players to attain.

Release date is April 24 along with the first two DLC. Callie will appear in Octo Canyon if you meet certain conditions.

You'll play as Agent 8 who looks like an Octoling.