Google is Bringing Instant Apps to Games on Android


Once a friend uses your referral code to set up the app and makes their first purchase you'll both receive a $10 Google Play reward that can be redeemed just like a Google Play Gift card.

Google has soft launched a version of its Instant Apps service but for games. New tags like "New" or "Action" make it easier to find a particular type of game. Google will also show YouTube videos showcasing various strategies to help players hone their skills and also news about their favorite games.

In addition to the Google Play Instant announcement, Google is also launching a redesigned Play Games app for Android today.

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For now, instant apps will only be available to a select group of game developers as part of a closed beta program. Getting an app going with Google Play Instant is fast and fluid, and will drop you right into the gameplay without having to sign in or register. A loading screen that features the name of the game and the new "Google Play Instant" branding will appear. Each instant app is only 10MB or less in size, and can load on your phone in a few seconds. It was problematic, especially for newer, graphically demanding games, as installing them involved downloading at least a gigabyte worth of data. For starters, they're only in the Play Store, but Google says the format can be used all over the web, so you might see links to play games in a lot more places soon. By offering access instantly, players skip a few steps to try the game out immediately, which is important because each step during installation is yet another point at which players could change their mind and cancel out. Amazon and Facebook Inc are also holding workshops for developers at the conference as they vie for increased advertising and licensing revenue.

As per the blog post announcing the expansion of Google lens last month, the tools will be available to all google photos English Language users who have the latest version of the app on Android and iOS devices.

Google's hardware team is talking to companies about tailoring games for touchscreen laptops that run its Chrome OS operating system, Kochikar said.