Just Shapes & Beats is bullet hell meets music


Light Fall launches this spring.

Chicken Platforming? Sure, why not, answers Bomb Chicken!

In the mood for a platformer that combines action, puzzles and some arcade gameplay? Will you be getting this for the Switch? Players can take on the role of a monarch trying to protect their throne on Switch this spring.

Reigns, a great mobile game, comes to Switch, too.

Strategy game Reigns: Kings and Queens will be available this spring.

Just Shapes and Beats: Described as a 'bullet-hell rhythm game, ' Just Shapes and Beats will launch first on Nintendo Switch this summer. While today's short presentation introduced us to some new titles, fan favorites like Mark of the Ninja, Luminesand The Banner Saga trilogy will also be making their way to the console.

Accusation of Putin role in poisoning is shocking
On Thursday, British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said Moscow had made a "deliberate political decision" to poison Skripal. Putin has so far only said publicly that Britain should get to the bottom of what has happened.

West of Loathingis a wild west themed, goofy RPG filled with plenty of puzzles, puns and turn-based combat.

Pronounced "poo-duh", Pode is a Norwegian inspired co-op adventure puzzling game with two characters that have contrasting abilities.

The Messenger - Retro ninja platformer with 8 and 16 bit graphical switching, releases in the summer. With art and music inspired by NES and SNES games, it will be released this summer on Nintendo Switch.

At this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC), Nintendo's head of third-party relations Damon Baker recapped the Switch's first year of indie games (or "Nindies", as the company calls them), pointing out major sales milestones and teasing some future titles. You play as an ex drug dealer named Butch, who single-handedly slays hordes of living dead and mutants.

Additionally, the game's Twitter account tweeted out an image of The Banner Saga 3 running on a Nintendo Switch console, showing that the game's development for the platform is going smoothly enough. You can play it solo, but co-op will be where it's at when it releases in the spring.

This report is interesting in the context of a report from the Wall Street Journal earlier this month, which stated that Nintendo had no plans to make any hardware updates this year and would instead be focusing on peripherals, like Nintendo Labo, to extend the console's lifespan.