Apple to fix bug that allows Siri to read hidden notifications


The bug does not affect Apple's Messages app, but for third party messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram, Siri will read out these notifications on your lockscreen, even if your privacy settings for "Show Previews" is set to display only "When Unlocked" (Settings Notifications Show Previews). Well, the bug allowed Siri to read out lock screen notifications from third-party apps, even if you had your message previews turned off and the phone locked.

The report also found that the bug exists in both iOS 11.2.6 which is now the latest stable version and the beta of iOS 11.3 which is due to release in Spring 2018.

If you use a feature baked into iOS 11 that lets you hide messages, you might be disappointed to learn that Siri isn't so good at keeping that content hidden. If prompted, Siri will read out whatever details are within the app without checking to make sure it's the primary user. "Apple is aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update", Apple said.

Users have the ability to temporarily disable it, albeit at their own inconvenience, by simply turning off "Show Lock Screen" within the Settings and Notifications option. Interestingly, Siri does ask you to unlock the iPhone X if you ask it to read the last email or last note.

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It goes without saying that the bug is pretty serious and leaves messages you think are hidden behind a wall of security completely exposed to anyone who wants access to them.

Upon its release late past year, iOS 11 was widely viewed as one of the buggiest iOS releases in history.

Hopefully Apple will fix the bug ASAP, because the illusion of security is arguably more unsafe than no security at all.