Bolton set to replace McMaster as Trump's national security adviser


John Bolton knows he's being portrayed as a warmonger as he becomes national security adviser, but he's trying to build internal credibility with a more studied, lower-decibel approach, according to people familiar with his thinking. Bolton, a former USA ambassador to the United Nations, advocates regime change in Iran and is opposed to the nuclear deal.

"He's going to have two voices in his head, so it will be interesting to see which deal prevails", said Malley. 'This was not related to any one moment or incident, rather it was the result of ongoing conversations between the two, ' a WH official outlined.

"I am very thankful for the service of General H R McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend", Trump said. White House officials said he was ousted because he did not tell top advisers, including Vice President Mike Pence, about the full extent of his contacts with Russian officials.

Regarding relations with Israel, Ettinger said, "The appointment of Bolton reaffirms the message that Israel is a very special national security ally, and a strategic outpost in a critical area for United States national security".

Bolton was so controversial a pick even back then that Bush used a recess appointment to make him United Nations ambassador even though the Senate was under GOP control.

Not only will he influence U.S. policy in Syria and Iraq, but more immediately and more worryingly, his appointment signals a much tougher USA stance against Iran and North Korea. McMaster will retire from the military.

But the former president said that he is afraid Bolton's "influence on President Trump will be deleterious to our country".

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Veteran Israeli diplomat Ambassador Yoram Ettinger told WIN, "The appointment of Bolton serves as a thundering message to the world that the USA is serious about overhauling and upgrading its posture of deterrence which was severely eroded during Bush's second term and during eight years of the Obama presidency".

To describe John Bolton as a "hawk" or "hard-liner" is to praise him with faint damnation.

"General McMaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the Russians and that the only Collusion was between Russia and Crooked H, the DNC and the Dems", Trump tweeted February 17, alluding to frequent GOP allegations of impropriety by Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

What happened? Well, in the time since then, Bolton has made a lot of appearances on Fox News, and.well, there isn't an "and", there's just that. Walking in to the White House?

Foreign Policy reported that Bolton is planning to remove dozens of current officials, with a focus on those who have been "disloyal" to the president. Still, bullying and blustering are permitted, if not encouraged, by President Trump - but dissent is less often allowed. McMaster will retire from the Army this summer.

Although it's unclear if Bolton would get on board with "the staff purge his allies and advisors are pushing", some names that have been reportedly floated around include deputy national security advisor for strategy Nadia Schadlow and McMaster deputy Ricky Waddell. The story caused Trump to speed up McMaster's departure, the sources said. Trump is proud of the diplomatic pressure campaign he thinks forced Kim to invite him to a nuclear summit. He told USA Today that his "first advice" to Trump, if they were ever to sit down and discuss the situation, would be to fire Bolton immediately. "But it's the job of the national security adviser to be the enforcer and to make sure that it happens".