Why Facebook thinks you know these random people


Facebook also collected information about SMS messages sent from the mobile phones, detailing when they were sent and received.

"It's suppose to be private, you're having this app on your phone, you're not thinking they're collecting this data saved somewhere", she says.

Molly Wood: And uses that information to make connections with other people, right?

Just go to general account "settings" and look for the link at the bottom of the page that reads "Download a copy of your Facebook data".

Again, in the Settings section in Facebook, head to the Ads section.

Beacon is officially shut down, settling Lane's class action lawsuit.

I did notice that for some years every song I'd listened to on Spotify was listed, a handy reminder that when you link any external app to Facebook it then gathers a lot more data about you.

As many rush to try and delete data already collected, they will learn it is much more than a click away. A starting point was turning my location off in the Facebook app. In it, Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth said "all the work we do in growth is justified", even if it costs people their lives because they are exposed to bullies or die in a terrorist attack coordinated through Facebook.

A Facebook representative could not immediately be reached for comment. But some say that managing data that Google collects can be challenging. A list of apps will appear including Facebook.

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The ads were nearly more surprising: 34 advertisers supposedly have my contact information.

Facebook promises to submit to a privacy audit every two years for the next 20 years, and Zuckerberg owns up to mistakes.

The newest revelation may affect Australian Facebook users more acutely, as more than half of the country's population use the affected Facebook service, and as many as 8.2 million use the version that logged callers' information. Facebook had also worked for the 2016 Presidential campaign. The problem is that its business model, unlike Apple's, depends on exploiting its users' data.

"Can you tell Facebook what it can and cannot do with your data?"

It's been more than 10 days since the Cambridge Analytica scandal exploded, and Facebook is still stuck in its worst nightmare. On March 16, before Wylie's whistleblowing was made public, Facebook's share price was at $185.09.

It rolls out "Security Checkup", a new tool aimed at simplifying its convoluted and confusing privacy controls.

With WhatsApp Co-founder Brian Acton joining the #deletefacebook movement, Elon Musk actually deleting the SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages, and Mozilla pulling its ads from the platform's network, the backlash has been non-stop.

"The average Facebook user has been paying little attention to the data privacy concerns raised by the Cambridge Analytica crisis", Aegis Capital wrote in a Tuesday note that reported conversations with users.

I really have no idea how these things popped up so high in my data.