Cameroon's MIA count rises on the Gold Coast


Meanwhile, Commonwealth Games officials confirmed a total of 11 African athletes were now missing - eight from Cameroon, two from Sierra Leone and one from Rwanda.

Those 14 athletes left the Games village during the event but later turned themselves in to immigration officials.

The athletes include five boxers and three weightlifters.

"Although they have valid visas until mid-May. we are concerned because they haven't turned up for events when they are the reason they are here", he told Macquarie Media radio on Thursday.

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"I appreciate that it's not unimaginable, certainly you could hire a vehicle and drive here, but if that was the case someone would know about it".

Before the Games began, the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, warned that all athletes would be closely monitored to ensure they did not overstay their visas and returned home after competition ended.

The Games have welcomed more than 6,600 athletes and team officials from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories to the Gold Coast and event cities Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville, to share in the celebration of sport, entertainment and culture.

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Two Indian competitors have been kicked out of the Commonwealth Games athletes' village for breaching a "no-needle" policy.

"The safety and welfare of those athletes from the Team Cameroon perspective is being taken very, very seriously, but we are obviously monitoring that situation with Team Cameroon", Mr Grevemberg added. Weightlifters Olivier Heracles Matam Matam, Petit David Minkoumba and Arcangeline Sonkbou Fouodji are also among the missing.

"It's obviously disappointing that some of the athletes that have come, didn't compete", Grevemberg said. They're still within their visas.

More than 100 athletes overstayed their visas at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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The Cameroonian athletes on the Gold Coast also have the right to apply for asylum. They aren't going to game the system, and aren't going to stay here.

"The Department does not comment on individual cases".