Police operation at Danish school after 'shooting' threat by student


The Sauk Rapids Police Department says the attacked happened shortly after 7 a.m.at Pleasantview Elementary School.

An 8-year-old student took a kitchen knife to a central Minnesota elementary school and randomly attacked three other children Monday, authorities said.

School Superintendent Bruce Watkins says the boy lashed out at the other students until an adult intervened.

All the victims suffered minor injuries. He was released to his parents due to his age. I don't think he had an intended target when he came to school with a knife. The school has just under 800 students. School officials immediately called police and an ambulance. All three male students were on their way to classes when they were slashed by their 8-year-old classmate. The incident lasted about 5 minutes and took place in a school hallway. Sauk Rapids is about an hour outside Minneapolis.

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A number of armed police were despatched to the school in the town of Ishøj near Copenhagen after the student, who was previously expelled from the school, reportedly made the threats.

Parents of children attending Pleasantview all received an electronic notice of the incident Monday morning.

Close to 100 parents and students who have walked the halls of The Foundation School for Autism gathered for the school's first ever homecoming celebration. Mental health professionals are available on site at Pleasantview Elementary. A Pleasantview primary-aged student entered the building and upon putting away his backpack, he pulled out a knife and began striking students with it.