Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Announced by Konami for iOS; First Screenshots Released


If you don't feel like playing with Genya, you can take control of Alucard, Simon, Charlotte, Shanoa, or Maria, all characters from previous Castlevania games.

The story is pretty simple: after the defeat of Count Dracula, it seemed like eternal peace had finally descended upon the world.

In recent years, Konami has focused less on game development for consoles and PC, so it makes sense to see them turn to one of its biggest franchises to try and make a hit for the mobile space. In order to verify the meaning of the words written in the letter - "The Grimoire is unleashed, and Count Dracula will be resurrected" - Genya Arikado heads off towards the letter's sender. Since 1997's Symphony of the Night, which rightfully sits on many "Greatest of All Time" lists, the series has had several questionable forays into things like 3D (Castlevania 64), multiplayer (Harmony of Despair), fighting games (Judgement), and God of War impersonation (Lords of Shadow). Characters and music from throughout the franchise's history will also be represented.

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While Konami hasn't announced a concrete release date for the game, a beta is expected for Japanese players.

According to the game's website, the story will follow a new character named Genya Arikado, a secret agent, and his assistant Lucy, a magician who works for a research organization. Today only a few people know about it, and its ability to fight against Dracula.

While he has unworldly good looks, he is unsociable and hard to approach. And Konami is teasing that Grimoire of Souls will utilize iconic songs from Castlevania games past as its soundtrack. It is her laboratory that Mr. Arima is staying.