Columbine principal reflects on 'worst nightmare' 19 years after shooting


Students in the Washoe County School District are gearing up for another round of protests against gun violence.

The National School Walkout website says almost 2,500 walkouts are planned across the country on Friday, mostly at high schools but at some middle schools and colleges, including the University of Cambridge in Britain.

Students are walking out of schools to protest inaction from lawmakers against gun violence.

More than 2,300 events are planned for the National School Walkout.

The new wave of activism can be actually a response for the decision to get activity by survivors of the slaughter that is latest, as soon as 17 individuals were killed by a gunman at Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Reaction to the walkout has been mixed, but mostly supportive.

Campbell's Westmont High School, however, rejected a student's request for a voter registration drive and rally.

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Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla will speak at a gun control rally during the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre on Friday. A group of students planned the event after reading the book "Columbine" by author Dave Cullen, about the deadly school shooting.

-Sara Au, spokeswoman for Orange County Public Schools " Student walk-outs happened at numerous Osceola middle and high schools in the weeks after the awful tragedy in South Florida, with no outcome to students who peacefully assembled. Nevada law (NRS 392.130) also requires the District to mark students unexcused and notify parents if their child does not show up to class. "So, sometimes we need to listen to them". This would allow students who want to participate to do so and those who don't could go on to class, according to SCHS Principal Joe Covington.

Lane Murdock, a high school sophomore, says she felt numb after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., and knew it was time for her to try to make some change. Therefore, VBCPS staff will neither encourage nor discourage students from taking part in a walkout, or, as the principal of Columbine High School suggests, honoring victims by taking part in community service.

"Schools are anxious about our safety when we're walking outside of school, but we're anxious about our safety within our schools", Anu said. Her school had regular lockdown drills after 26 students and educators were killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School when she was in fifth grade. Given the history of school shootings, it is fitting to make this protest about Columbine to show how little has changed in almost 20 years.

Mt. Lebanon students will have the option to leave class for a 90-minute event on the football field that will include performances, student speakers and presentations about school shooting statistics. Students not going to the assigned location will be considered truant and will be subject to normal disciplinary action as it pertains to the attendance policy.

Dorsey Hopson, SCS superintendent said ahead of Thursday's events that no students or teachers will be punished for participating in the walkout.