Syrian Air Defense Forces Return Fire In Non-Existent Attack


The hit on the chemical facility comes against a backdrop in which Russian Federation has long since gained the upper hand in Syria vis à vis the US, whose commander and chief has said he wants to withdraw from the country. It made that clear in 2013, when it held back from military action and, more importantly, said that even if it had intervened it would only have been in a limited way.

According to the pictures, Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps has established several bases in Syria including one military base in the Deir ez-Zor province in eastern Syria seen with Ilyushin planes transporting weapons from Iran to Syria.

It was the first direct attack carried out against Israel by Iran without the use of proxies, from Syrian territory.

Israel's air strike on the T4 Iranian base in Homs, Syria, and a tripartite Western missile raid on three plants allegedly associated with Syrian President Bashar Assad's chemical weapons program has raised questions on the prospect of this confrontation reaching Lebanon's shores and its broader implications. There is definitely a clash of interests, threat perceptions and a no agreement of how to handle the Iranian presence, designs and operations in Syria.

It came after the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman denounced the Israeli regime's attack against T-4 on April 8 that killed seven Iranian military advisers, and said Israel will be punished "sooner or later".

"I have a message for the leaders of Iran: Don't test Israel's resolve".

Israeli F-15s will stay in country after Tehran threatens Israel for attacking Iranian forces in Syria last week.

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The attack over the weekend was an important message of deterrence that the US would stand behind its word to not tolerate the use of non-conventional weapons, said Moshe Yaalon, a former Israeli defense minister and chief of staff, in an interview with Israel Radio.

According to Daniel, Israel was bracing for a possible Iranian missile salvo or armed drone assault from Syria.

Iran has actually become the biggest "occupying power" in the Arab world today. "Allowing Iran to strengthen itself in Syria is like accepting that the Iranians strangle us".

Despite the rhetoric, experts believe neither Iran nor Israel are looking for open conflict.

So far, no country has taken responsibility for the airstrike.

Although nobody would confirm the admission officially, a senior member of the IDF was quoted in the New York Times Monday as stating that Israel did indeed attack a Syrian air base a week ago.

In an unusual move, Iran's state-run media admitted that seven of its "soldiers" were killed in the April 9 strike.