USA orders emergency inspection of engines used by Arik, Air Peace


The emergency airworthiness directive will require airlines to perform an ultrasonic inspection of certain CFM56-7B engines within 20 days of receipt of the order, it said.

The Southwest Airlines aircraft, which was flying from NY to Dallas and had 149 passengers on board, was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

The National Transportation Safety Board believes one of the blades snapped on the Southwest flight Tuesday, hurling debris that broke a window and led to the death of a passenger who was sucked partway out of the plane. Southwest is in the process of gathering additional information regarding flight 1380 and will fully cooperate in an investigative process, it said.

The Southwest Boeing 737 took off Tuesday morning from NY, headed for Dallas.

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A first inspection of the Boeing 737's damaged engine showed that an engine fan blade was missing, apparently broken due to metal fatigue, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Shrapnel from the engine smashed the window, which caused rapid decompression in the cabin.

A Philadelphia medical examiner stated that Jennifer Riordan's cause of death was blunt trauma to her head, neck and torso.

CFM and the FAA both called for inspections of the engines at the time, but the regulators did not publish a directive. Inspections take between two and four hours per engine, according to the FAA and manufacturer. America's Federal Aviation Administration said it expects 352 engines in the United States and 681 engines worldwide to be eligible for emergency inspections.