How 'New Right' Media Fell In Love With Kanye West


After Kanye caused a firestorm of controversy this weekend by co-signing far-right pundit Candace Owens, who says racial oppression doesn't exist, Ebro called a friend of Kanye's who had left a comment under an Instagram post he made.

Owens, the communications director for TPUSA and frequent guest on Fox News, was having none of it, and let the protesters know in no uncertain terms what she thought about their "victim mentality".

Darden said that he loved Kanye West, but that he was "selfish" "trolly" and a "materialistic" who lived in a bubble and had lost touch with his people.

Mr. West also made media waves in November 2016 when he told an audience in San Jose, California, that he would have voted for Mr. Trump had he chose to exercise his right on Election Day. At a concert in San Jose that year, he explained his political leanings to the audience: "I told you I didn't vote".

For the past week, Kanye West's oft-dormant Twitter feed has been a font of dopey aphorisms and aspirational directives, many of which ("Question everything") feel like the sort of thing a person might overhear at a college party, after a sizable tray of edibles has been ransacked.

But for Owens, engaging urban communities has at times meant attempting to dismantle arguments about white privilege put forward by black activists and the Democratic Party. Owens, who is black, also received racist and threatening messages from online accounts allied with the other side of the Gamergate coin.

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Kanye West has been all over Twitter lately, talking about everything form his forthcoming album to his philosophy book that he said is in the works to his continued support of President Donald Trump.

Owens went more direct with her response by singling out NY radio station Hot 97.

This week, Kanye West tweeted that he loved Elon Musk, affirmed gender fluidity, and criticized capitalism and religion, but libs are outraged the "Yeezy" rapper is questioning some aspects of leftism. In "Murder to Excellence", West himself asserts that the lower "life expectancy for black guys" reflects that "the system's working effectively".

On Monday, he tweeted out clips of Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams's videos, in which the cartoonist said that many people are beginning to break free of "prisons of the mind".

This, of course, is a classic alt-right response to criticism-the fact that other people make fun of me or take me to task for dumb opinions means I'm being censored! "I love Donald Trump", Kanye reportedly told the host, despite his additional claims that he just wants to "lead with love".