'Request Account Info' - WhatsApp New Feature Will not Share Info with Facebook


WhatsApp Request Account Info feature is a blessing for all users who were concerned about their private data.

Previously we can see Facebook's download tool and the new Instagram data download tool offering a link to users within 48 hours.

WhatsApp request account info feature will give you information like profile photos, model of device, blocked numbers, group names etc. The feature will be rolling out to all users around the globe.

As reported earlier, WhatsApp has updated its terms of service and privacy policy for users in the European Union. The "Reqeuest Account Info" feature will roll-out to users around the world on the newest version of the app, the company said in a blog post. Thankfully, it will not include you private messages.

In April 2018, WhatsApp announced that, in the coming weeks, you will be able to see and download your WhatsApp account settings and information. If you want to view your chat history instead, you can learn how do that from here.

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Request account info in the list of options. You will see a "Request sent" message on the screen. You must use an external app in your share tray to export the report.

Tap on it to download the zip file that contains an HTML file having your data. The company also claims that a report will take about 3 days to generate, "Your report will be available approximately 3 days after the date requested".

WhatsApp said that the Request Account Info will give you information that would include things like your profile photo, make and model of the device, blocked numbers, group names, etc. When the report is available, you'll receive the following notification on your phone: Your account info report is ready to download. Messages can not be downloaded, although if you're more interested in backing up data, for the most part WhatsApp already backs up your message data to the cloud.

Check out WhatsApp's help hub.