Toronto Van Attack Victims Were Mostly Female, Police Say


A man accused of driving a van that ploughed into people on a busy downtown Toronto street has appeared in court charged with 10 counts of murder and 13 counts of attempted murder.

Claire Hurley, who was making her own floral contribution to the makeshift memorial, said the fatal attack was hard to reconcile with the safe community she's come to know.

10 people were taken to Sunnybrook hospital, 5 of them are in critical condition, 2 serious injuries and only one relatively stable.

Monday's incident occurred about 30km from the site where Toronto is hosting a meeting of Group of Seven foreign ministers from Canada, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, but had no noticeable effect on that event's security.

"I stopped and ran out to help her".

"This unfathomable loss of life has left our city in mourning", he said Tuesday before the city council.

Another family in Toronto's Sri Lankan community with whom Amarasingha once lived planned to care for the boy, Pelendage said.

She started at the age of 12 as a ball girl, chasing the balls between points. She was voted volunteer of the year in 2016. The school said it could not confirm that, but President and Vice-Chancellor Mohamed Lachemi issued a statement offering "deepest sympathies to all of those affected by the awful incident". The charity partners with communities to build houses, schools and other needed projects. She had observed paramedics treating patients and covering those who were beyond help in the aftermath of the incident, but said the tragedy feels more real several days later. David said he later got a call from his son to tell him he was OK.

He says his grandmother nearly had as much love for the Blue Jays and the Maple Leafs "as she did for her family".

"Your mom", wrote the boy's Scarborough neighbours, "loved you more than anything in this world".

Two unidentified Korean nationals and an unnamed student from Seneca College were also killed.

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Canadian authorities have not released the names of the victims and have said they are still working to identify them.

The Jordanian embassy in Ottawa has told the BBC that one of its citizens was among the victims.

"I felt it's my duty to come over and pay tribute", he said. Tonight we celebrated Mass for all who have died.

"That takes time", he said.

He also expressed condolences to the victims and their families, echoing comments made Monday.

Sgt. Graham Gibson, a homicide detective with the Toronto police, said the victims in the attack are "predominantly female", but there's no evidence that suspect Alek Minassian was bypassing men or deliberately targeting women.

"This is exactly the type of de-escalation ... and response to these types of confrontations that we hope to see", said Ontario ombudsman Paul Dube.

"Yesterday was the most lovely day of the year and then look what happened", he said. Fourteen others were injured. Court documents identified them as: Sammantha Samson, Samantha Peart, Morgan McDougall, Mavis Justino, Catherine Riddell, Aleksandra Kozhevinikova, Amir Kiumarsi, Yunsheng Tian, Jun Seok Park, Amaresh Tesfamariam, Beverly Smith, Robert Anderson, and So Ra.

"The Toronto Police Service was widely criticized for its handling of the Sammy Yatim case in 2013 that led to Const. James Forcillo's conviction for attempted murder in the shooting death of the 18-year-old".

Among the most seriously injured was Tesfamariam. There has been no confirmation that he posted it himself.

Tesfu described his Auntie Amaresh as "almost like a second mom my whole life".