Check out these leaked details for the rumoured new iPhone


Last year, a similar issue was identified where Touch ID would stop working on the iPhone 7, if the screen was replaced by a third-party vendor.

Analysts such as Bernstein's Toni Sacconaghi expecting as few as 51 million handsets sold versus Wall Street's expectations of 54 million phones and 50.7 million previous year. Furthermore, it was tipped by the Chinese online tech publication Feng that the CGS will shift the iPhone touch module from the display panel to the surface glass.

In one of Apple's many implementations, pressing lightly on an app opens it, while pressing hard brings up a list of quick shortcuts. The traditional long press for options has worked well for Android devices over the past few years.

Apple's iPhone X is the company's latest top-of-the-range smartphone, and features facial recognition, an OLED display, and a high price tag.

The new, lower-cost iPhone will use an LCD display that's about half the cost of the OLED screen in the iPhone X. It's also likely to use an aluminium casing versus stainless steel. So if you using iPhone 6 or below models and want to play Augmented Reality games on Your iPhone, this will be a good time to upgrade.

But there's a downside. The report says that Cover Glass Sensor screens will be lighter and less likely to break when dropped. And when they do so, we can expect the removal of 3D Touch from the entire lineup.

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3D Touch Feature Done In 2019?

Your Opinion On The Removal Of 3D Touch On iPhones?

Following reports of reduced demand for components from Apple's suppliers, it has become clear that expectations for the iPhone X have exceeded reality.

"There are a lot of things that have to fall into place, but 3D Touch overall feels like one of those ideas that only Apple can push into the mainstream - if Samsung or Huawei had delivered a similar feature, it would nearly certainly be a gimmick". As a result 3D Touch has never reached its potential - and now it looks like it never will.

It seems like the 3D Touch idea didn't quite fall into place.